Fun facts about singing

Our voice is not our only characteristic that makes us different from each other, but it is one of the most important ones. Not everyone has a voice that sounds good enough while singing. Good talent and vocal cords and a lot of training will make you the new singing sensation of our time. And don't get angry at your teachers when they push you, because most of them can't even sing. But what makes our voices different from each other?

Not only the vocal cords are the cause for that, but they play a big role. Their length, thickness and the size of the space between them decide what will your voice sound like. Your mouth plays also a big role, and your nose too. But the lungs are even more important. Their capacity decides how long you can hold a note and how long you can sing before breathing in again. It is quite important for modern indie singers because they have usually hard choreographs to perform while singing and that moves require a lot of oxygen. The shape of your chest and neck and the position of your tongue play also a role as well as the thickness and strength of your muscles. All that can be changed, and by changing it you will get a voice with higher or lower pitch, volume, tone or timbre.

But you are not born as a good singer. Many studies have shown that bad singers can hit the same notes as good ones. It is training in the early years that decides whether or not you will become a good singer. It is important to train all the muscles, and there is more than 100 of them, that are involved in your singing and speaking.

Be careful because your voice behaves just like every other muscle in your body - it is either use it or lose it!

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