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If there’s such a thing as candy floss rock then this is it. A band name like Pylon calls to mind images of pollution and modernity, but here instead I find sunny warm harmonies that grab me by both ankles and pull me under. Although this isn’t the most original thing I’ve ever heard, the first half nevertheless holds my attention, hanging gently in the air; the musical equivalent of a crack in the curtains on Sunday morning. Something like 14 songs were recorded, how many make it onto the lp is anyone's guess. Thanks to Lee and Steve and all the bands who played at Joseph's Well the other week, was a really good night!


Hello, welcome to the Pylon website. Feel free to take a look around our site, leave us a message etc, or you can just 'listen' ... Sunderland Voodoo Bar, Pure, with THIS AINT VEGAS, and EVER SINCE We still have some copies of our last ep 2400 volts on Jealous, please e-mail us for details. Also a shout to Jez and the Stapleton boys for making the comedown the next day less fierce. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V over, this full length album also comes complete with a bonus disc of nine extra songs from two now unavailable EPs.

The most appreciated music festivals in the world

Everyone loves music, am I right? But not many get a chance to feel the music in every possible way. It is not only your ears that can get affected by music and enjoy it, but also your legs, your arms and your whole body actually. Music makes us dance, think and feel. It is not only vibrating air, it is something that makes us vibrate, our hearts beet faster and our brains go crazy.

If you never felt that, then you must have never been on a music festival. Wait, we don't mean the little ones you have near you, that make a few local groups sing and play music, where people stand or even sit just like on a concert. We mean the real ones, big, famous music festivals that make hundreds of thousands of people come and dance, enjoy the moment and feel the music.

The greatest festivals of our time

I always wanted to go to the Sunburn Festival. Last year I got the chance. My friend got 5 tickets, so everyone from our close group of friends could come. For those who don't know, it takes place at Vagator, Goa in India. It lasted for 4 days and it was one of the most exciting and amazing thing that happened to me. It always starts in late November or early December. Sunburn is an EDM, electronic dance music, festival with lots of other stuff besides great music. The crowd is, for example, amazing, in 2014 there were about 80.000 attendants, and I expected in 2015 to see about 100.000 people, not more than 150 thousand, but there were more than 350 thousand people in 2015. I could not believe my eyes. People are all around you. I also saw shows happening right there, it was really funny. And music 'til you can't take it more. It was really amazing, you should go there and see it by yourself. Don't forget to also go around the place, because there are a lot shopping stands and stuff like that, and travel around India, while you are there, it is a beautiful country with amazing people.

Glastonbury Festival is one that takes place really close to me. I go there almost every year and enjoy everything it has to offer. People from all around the world come and enjoy the great atmosphere and music. The biggest names of British music industry attend, this year Adele will sing and Coldplay also. They sell only 135.000 tickets, and they are sold out pretty fast, in less than 3 hours. They are also quite pricy, in 1970. they were only 1 pound, in 1971 they were free but this year they were 228 pounds. Although they sold out in 2,5 hours, I managed to get mine this year, did you get yours?

I have also to mention Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Tomorrowland Festival. Coachella takes place in California. The music and the crowd are great, but if you don't like heat then don't go there, because the temperature can go up to 40 °C. Tomorrowland takes place in Belgium, but also Brazil and the USA. It is not that big as others but the stage designs are always great and a smaller crowd can be better.

Easy ways to meet a guy

Meeting new people can be a breath of fresh air in our lives as it allows us to expand our social circles and, who knows, find that special person to enjoy fabulous experiences. Exquisite escorts are quite acquainted with easy ways to meet a guy and explore incredible adventures that will change your perspective in terms of relationships.

Easy ways to have the most fun and spontaneous relationships

As any experienced escort will tell you, one of the easiest ways to meet a guy is going to a supermarket as everyone needs to resort to this kind of places in order to acquire the necessary implements such as groceries, drinks or hygiene items among others. However, it is important to fine tune your detector radar in order to avoid flirting with a married man.

After a long work day, many people prefer to go to a Movie store in order to find a good movie and relax the mind, reason that makes it one of the best places to meet a guy. Therefore, whenever you visit this kind of shops, stay attentive to what happens around you. Perhaps, between suggestions and recommendations, love may arise. Dare yourself.

Escorts also know that there are several factors that make an airport an ideal place to meet new people. For instance, it is spacious and has a large flow of people who are waiting to get on a plane. Among so many boring and moody people you can find someone to exchange a few words with. Remember that everything starts with a smile, but it can lead you to that dreamy eternal commitment.

You can also enlist in a nonprofit organization to contribute with a cause or fulfill a need like assisting on educational tasks for children or creating an environmental consciousness in your community.

As any exquisite and experienced escort will tell you, volunteering is an excellent way to help, leaving your immediate circle to meet new men who spread passions.

Annonce Sexy

Take advantage of the internet to meet new guys

New technologies have produced a strong impact on the way we communicate and socialize. For that reason, as the splendid ladies from the Sex Annonce know so well, many people prefer to meet new persons online, rather than in the real world.

New technologies have produced a strong impact on the way we communicate and socialize. For that reason, as the splendid ladies from the know so well, many people prefer to meet new persons online, rather than in the real world.

As any intelligent escort will recommend you, it is important for you to listen to your instinct. When you meet someone it is important for you to pay attention to what your intuition tells you. If you have a sensation that he is not right for you, trust what you feel, just like if you feel comfortable by his side.

Your attitude and your energy also play an important role when it comes to establishing new relationships.

Therefore, as smart escorts will tell you, a positive attitude is important to find someone who is really worthwhile. Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest. Therefore, give yourself the chance to discover something new.

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